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Vera Saucy Clothing // Goddexx Wear

believes that the essence of femininity can and should be embraced and celebrated by people of all gender identities and expressions.  Traditionally feminine traits like Empathy, Sensitivity, Gentleness, Sweetness, Compassion, Tolerance and Nurturance can empower us all if we accept the duality of energies that exist in every human being.  See how far you can evolve by learning to harness your Feminine Goddexx Energy! Vera Saucy Clothing is a Queer Latinx owned and operated company & is 100% hand made to order in the heart of Arizona.  For the most accurate sizing, please include waistband or chest measurements in the comment box at checkout! We strive to make all of our clients feel beautiful, confident, and femme! Custom sizing, designs, and commissions are always happily accepted! Feel great about embracing your inner Goddexx with Vera Saucy!

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